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I am trying to take the HD from an eMachine and put it into a Compaq. This is the only HD, not an additional one. When I boot the Compaq up it will only go to a screen saying it is sorry Windows did not start successfully then it gives me a choice of Safe Mode and several others. No matter what I choose it always goes back to this same screen.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Try doing a repiar installation. Otherwise a reformat and fresh installation of the OS is required as well as the system drivers for the Compaq.
  2. OEM versions of windows often will not let you use them on another motherboard. They actually read a code from the motherboard to see if its ok to run or not. Usually they only will work across a few motherboard from the same company.

    I have heard too that some newer prebuilt systems will not let you run anything but their hard drives. I dont know if Compaq is one of those who do this but now ou have 2 things to research.
  3. I tried repair but it ask for Admin password & none was ever put on either machine, i tried admin but did not work, so I can't repair. I tried to do a fresh installation but it goes all the way to the end and comes up with 2 sector error.

    Now, I'm really stumpted.
  4. You usually have to reinstall Windows when moving a disk from one motherboard to another.
  5. Thanks for all the input. I'm fairly new at computer fixing and when you said to do a repair with CD when it booted up I chose the first time it asked to repair and it went through the same as first described. This time I clicked enter to reinstall Windows and then it gave me a chance to do a repair again and I chose repair and it fixed Windows. Sorry for the run around.
  6. Be sure to install the system drivers for the Compaq. Windows repair removed the drivers for the eMachine. Go to the online product page for the compaq and diownload and install the latest system drivers including LAN, sound, chipset, etc.
  7. Thanks, will do.
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