Is better to buy a Thermaltake frio advancer od a Corsair H80?

I am going to buy an Intel core i5 2500k processor,but i am going to overclock it so the stock fan will not be enough...Please answer (:
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  1. Check out Pay attention to noise level as well.

    The Frio comes close to the H80 at load, but is about 12dBA louder. If money isn't an issue one bit, the H80 is the winner. The H80 is about $30-$40 more expensive though.

    Lets compare the H80, Frio, and Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO as well. The 212 EVO cools basically identically to the Frio. Its about ~10dBA more quiet. The EVO is usually priced around $35 + an additional fan if you want for push/pull ($10 = $45), against the Frio which is ~$60

    There's also the Antec Kuhler 920, which performs a somewhat better than the H80, but is 12dBA louder. It's about $10-$20 ($100-$110) more than the H80 ($80-$90). The Corsair H100 cools about 1C better than the Kuhler 920, is more quiet at full load, but is about $10 more.

    Personally---I love my H80 and it works great. If saving money is more of priority, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO is the way to go. If money isn't an issue, the H80 is a win, almost equal to the Kuhler with cooling, and 10dBA more quiet. If you don't care about sound one bit, the Antec Kuhler 920 is the one you should get. If size isn't an issue and you can fit a 240mm radiator in your case, get the Corsair H100.

    EDIT: I always get their graphs mixed up. The graph is "at full load you can see how many degrees Celsius hotter the CPU core is than the air outside the case". More regards to ratio of performance. However, I still stand by my point that if you need to save money, the 212 EVO is the best you can do, while if you don't care about money, the H80 is a good buy. If money is not an issue, nor sound, the Antec Kuhler 920 is a great get.
  2. One last question.
    What do you think,is the H80 worth its money,I mean will it work for a long amount of time and do I need to add some water in the cooler?
  3. I recently purchased the H100, and couldn't be happier with it. I can't speak for the longevity yet, but compared to my last Zalman cooler, it's quiet and cools way better. Also, they're self contained units, so you should never need to add coolant. Hope this helps!
  4. They should last I think 7 years, but I think it's longer. So you'll get a lot if use out of it ;) Like Daedlaus above said, he loves his H100, I love my H80 and have no regrets. Since its closed loop water cooling, no need for coolant. Just make sure if you put it where your rear case fan is to put a filter on the outside. Dust can be bothersome to get out of radiators, but with a filter all you'll have is clean the filter every few weeks or month with a vacuum.

    I'd get it :D If you have no reason to replace the fans that come with it, don't. They're high CFM and higher static pressure, which matters with radiators a lot = good fans.

    A filter that is good is It's magnetic so if you can't screw it on where you want, it'll simply attach. I have the 140mm version since I needed that one. What I did is I cut off 3 of 5 of those plastic strip that run into the middle. I left one going to the top and one going to the bottom magnet. Juts get a pair of wire snips and work at a piece, then lift it up off the glue slowly, and cut the piece that remains that connects to the inner circle.

    When I get home I'll run it and paint and show you, always easier to see.
  5. Here:

    If you get this filter, you cut first where it connects to the frame. You pull it up off the glue, it comes right off, and when up, cut it from the inner circle. So you are only left with the two unmarked strips.

    For myself, since the H80 and fans are in my rear case fan area (HAF X case), I can't screw anything more in since the screw holes are occupied. So the magnet is really useful if you find yourself in that situation.
  6. Thank you very much!
    I will consider all that you said,and I will get the H80 or H100 because I found where I can buy them,because in my country is hard to find things like PC parts and etc...and thank you,thank you so much!you were very helpful.
    Hope to see you soon.
  7. Happy to help :) If it makes it any easier buying things, the pre-applied TIM (thermal paste) is MASSCOOL G751 Shin-Etzu which is among the top 10 on the market. So you don't have to buy any beforehand.
  8. Thanks again (:
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