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I currently have a 600w modxstream (i believe its tier 4) modular power supply running an e8400 @ 4ghz, single hd, and radeon 5850. I was wondering if I upgraded to a i7 setup (plan to OC to 4ghz) and crossfire 5850 would my power supply cut it? Should i keep the one i have (i would like to, bought it a few months ago) or would I have to upgrade?
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  1. 650w is recommended by ATI for Crossfire. 600 Minimum for the 5770, I would say 650 would be a safe bet, possibly 700 if you could spring for it. The Antec GreenWatts 80 C 650W PSU is on sale and is a great PSU. Then again you never know until you try.
  2. If you are OC'ing then I would recommend a 700w PSU from a good brand like Seasonic who also builds PSUs for Corsair and PC Power & Cooling.
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