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hey guys i was wondering which case is the best for having a amazing cooling system(with filters) with the best cable management and is under 200 bucks

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  1. hi, my personal choice just came out recently is a NXZT DIGITAL ARTIC CAMO TEMPEST EVOLUTION.It has 6 fans and is $149.99 or you can go with a silverstone fortress.Newegg is the site.
  2. come on guys 40 views? and only seanny posted i need more then that
  3. The best mid towers to my mind are the HAF 922 and the Antec 920 but the HAF has no filters ..... size wise it's about the same as the Antec 1200 which does have filters. w/ PSU w/ PSU
  4. Check out the Lian Li / Lancool Dragon Lord series. The cases come in a variety of configurations with and without windows on the side panel:

    I have one for my personal pc. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent. Plenty of room for video cards up to 11 inches long. Excellent cable management. Filters for all intake fans. Technical reviews were very favorable.

    Here's a link to a video review done by monstermawd:

    The lowest prices are at if you are in the USA:
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