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Looking to replace Corsair 500r case fans

I am building a new gaming pc, and am looking into replacing the stock fans on the 500r with quieter fans. I plan to replace the 200mm fan with a Cooler Master Megaflow, but what about the 120mm fans? I was looking at the Noctua NF-P12, but they are pretty expensive. So, what 120mm fans should I get that will move a decent amount of air while remaining quiet?
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    Man check this massive 393 case fans reviewed and choose from there:

    They don't cover 200mm fans though.

    I personnally am going with the Coolink SWiF2-1201 for 120mm and Prolimatech Blue Vortex Blue Wings 140mm.
    Those arent the most dead silent but the performance : noise ratio is very nice.Going more silent means either spending alot of money or getting a weak fan.
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