Anyone selling DDR1 RAM? 1GB?

Hey guys...
any one willing to SELL a DDR1 RAM? 1GB?
Please let me know...
i got a Transcend 1GB DDR1 RAM.
Want to add. just one more slot...

for the old D101GGC motherboard.
Yes, you are welcome to abuse me.

If you want, you can throw your old DDR1 RAM right into my eye in disgust. Will do.
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  1. man
  2. ya...
    but am looking for a 2nd hand one...
    cant shell out mroe than $10 for now...

    abuse me more please
  3. ha, ok good luck man. I'm not sure anyone is using DDR anymore?
  4. ^He only want's to spend 10 bucks though.
  5. hey thanks a lot for that list man!
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