Ok i found the card i want now will it fit.

Ok guys i been in deep thought i am going crazy lol.i recently purchased this pc a few weeks back.i want to buy a 4870x2.the question is will it fit on my motherboard.The length isnt the problem its the wideness.
how wide is this card?. my motherboard has a heatsink i can easily remove if it gets in the way.My sata plugs or sticking up on the backside i think i can just fit it if its not too wide..My board is a m2n78-la,its made by pegatron.Im so frustrated i found the 4870x2 for 250 dollars.it will be perfect for me.if it would fit.Its 10 inches long.but i cant find anywhere how wide it is.i also found the 4850x2 for 160.

If any of you can help me, please do.i been studyin cards for weeks and i really want it.
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  1. the 4870 x2 is double slot wide so consider to leave another slot down open from the
    pci ex slot where your gpu will be and most importantly check that your psu will handle that beast..

    ower consumption

    System Under FULL load
    Radeon HD 4850 269 Watt
    Radeon HD 4870 334 Watt
    Radeon HD 4850 Crossfire (2) 421 Watt
    Radeon HD 4870 X2 (R700) 437 Watt
    Radeon HD 4870 Crossfire (2) 480 Watt
    Radeon HD 4870 X2 (R700) Crossfire 740 Watt

    at least a 600 w psu is recomended.
  2. ^^^

    Those estimated power consumptions #s differs depending on the actual components inside a PC.
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