I5-3570k mods?

Why back when I had a Q6600 G0 stepping cpu I used the sandpaper and water to lap/lathe the cpu. It gave me 12c drop in temps. Was wondering if the same can be done to the 3570k?
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  1. The same can be done, but keep in mind this:

    1) Q6600 and 3570K are different architecture, so, the drop temps will not be the same.
    2) Your warranty will be void for do that.
    3) Why do you want to do that? What cooler/temps do you have?
  2. I see 52c max on the two games I play right now which are planetside 2 and Assassin's Creed 3 on stock settings with a H60 in push/pull config. The fan I added has like 79cfm. When I OCed the i5 to 4.2Ghz it was hitting 74c in prime95 64bit version.
  3. Maybe a better cooler can solve that temps, the H60 was the 1st line in the sealed loops and currently the H80 and H100 are very good for the price and performs very well.

    Now if isn't possible change the cooler. Do you really need/want overclock?
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