Intel 2500k not overclocked but 4.3GHZ?

Hi all,

ive been looking in to overclocking, i havent done anything at all, however i was downloading all the necessary monitoring p95 etc and when i ran CPU-Z it shows my multiplier at x42??

can someone enlighten me in to whats happening please lol. also my pc is idling so shouldnt speedstep be dropping it down? how can i check its enabled?


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  1. What motherboard do you have and do you have windows set to 'performance' over 'economy' or 'balanced'?
  2. its a P8Z68 V-PRO and now you mention it i did put it in performance so that must be why then?

    whats the big difference between doing performance and manually overclocking it as 4.5GHz is pretty good for a start lol.

    from what ive read if you let the motherboard sort the voltage it tends to over feed it? and the bus speed should only be 100 shouldnt it?
  3. If I recall, on my Maximus board, it had me set at 104x42 before I had started my overclocks through BIOS on it. Strange, now that I think on it...
    That is my understanding also, that it is best to manually set your voltages/offsets because automatic settings tend to be higher than needed.
  4. ahh ok i see, when i do overclock does it matter what of the 3 (performance / balanced / energy) are selected?
  5. My understanding is that those settings will not affect a manual overclock but you can customize those settings also (change advanced power setting). I really can't say from experience since I run mine 100%, 24/7 and keep all high performance settings enabled
  6. ok thats great, and one last thing the speedstep does that not work if you have it on performance?
  7. On performance mode, I believe speedstep is enabled but I am not positive of that, perhaps someone else may have a better understanding of that interaction and can provide some enlightenment...
  8. ok thanks for your help regarding the original query anyway much appreciated.
  9. The asus boards have an Asus AI suite utillity where if u do the automatic overclock labeld as "Fast" gives u the overclock you are runing at the moment.
    Can be manually changed to default settings in bios.
    Here is my system that runs same thing .
  10. ok so that's the same thing as performance in the bios, do you know whether speedstep is enabled when that setting is on?
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