Ram upgrade

i'm about to upgrade my gaming pc from 2 Gb to 4gb of ram.
i'm now using the 2Gb kingston RAM.

but i can't find the identical one on newegg.
so can i upgrade to different brand or different model of the same brand.
also latency needed to be identical?

in order to get full dual mode?

also 2Gb + 1Gb work in dual or not?

and what's the advantage of dual Ram mode?


my mobo is Gigabyte H55 S2
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  1. Please get your Gigabyte H55 S2 manual or go to the gigabyte website refer to memory compatibility, you should choose a dual mode.
  2. You can mix brands.. However, you need to try and keep other parameters (such as operating speed, voltage, CAS etc.) as similar as possible.. Give detailed specs of your current RAM module.. We can help you select a close match..
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