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my names matt im a newcomer to toms hardware but an entusiast all the same.
these are my system specs as shown:
ASUS striker extreme MOBO
Currently running a ECS 8500 gt
intel core 2 duo 2.66 ghz
500 gb hardrive
windows xp
coolermaster eXtreme Power Plus 500 watt

i want to uprgrade to a nVidia GeForce 9800GT but am wandering if it will work on my current system. the card is pci 2.0 but the mobo isnt will it still run. also the mobo is ddr2 and the card is ddr3 will it run under these circumstances. i have a palit 8800 gt 1 GB but it does not seem to work on my mobo ive tried it on another pc and it works just fine. i understand there have been problems with the mobo ever since it was realesed eons ago but i am short on cash and im getting the 9800 gt really cheap of a friend. thankyou in advance. any support on the query is much apreciated
Regards Matthew.
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  1. PCIE 2.0 and 1.0 are backwards compatable so it will work, only difference is that 2.0 slots are able to transfer double the bandwith of a 1.0 slot, this will not affect you as your card is not powerfull enough to be bottlenecked by a 1.0 slot.

    DDR# RAM that is on your motherboard an on your graphics card have no relation to each other and can be different, so no worries their.

    As for the 8800, I have no idea why it would not work in your setup.
  2. welcome wato, to the forums!

    paperfox is absolutely right - ga ahead witht he 9800GT purchase, but make sure he aint selling for other reasons (like a burnt chip) :S

    as for your 8800, wat is the power supply on the other machine that u tested it out on? chances are that your plait cant run off ur 500W as it wud b power hungry. Ever since the 9series came out they were more power efficient than the 8series. I own a 8600GT fatal1ty passive cooler edition running off a 420W thermaltake PSU and its brother, the 8600GT needs additional power. so i think thas the reason.

    if it isnt, then pls restate your problem :)
  3. thanks for the help will buy a new psu been needing new one any way. cheers.
    Regards Matthew.
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