New gaming drive advice 150gig 10krpm dead

Hey guys. Ill make this quick

Currently have a ssd as my boot drive 64gig
I also have a 10krpm 150gig drive with all my games installed on it
A 2TB drive external
And a 500gig 7200rpm drive

My 10krpm has died
I want to get something too fill this gap and cant decide what to buy either a ssd with less space or another 10krpm drve
My choices

Western Digital VelociRaptor WD6000HLHX 32MB 600GB
OCZ Vertex 3 Series SATA III 2.5" SSD 120GB

Or any other advice
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  1. Get the SSD, I went from raptors to an SSD and there is no comparison. I love my crucial m4.
  2. Definately get the SSD, you will probably pay less and have a much faster drive.
    I have a Vertex 3 myself, there's no camparisson to any mechanical drive.
  3. Yeap the SSD is the one. Like Tokencode I went from Raptors to a Crucial M4 and there is no comparison. The Raptors make ideal video editing scratch drives though.
  4. I wouldn't really consider the raptors as a choice anymore. If you need absolute speed then the ssd seems like the best option, if you do have a need for more space i would probably go with any standard 7200 rpm drive rather then bothering with the raptors.
  5. The Raptors are ideal for scratch drives as they are fast and have capacity. It is a niche they fit into well. For just about anything else I would use 7200 RPM drives and 5400 RPM for external drives.
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