Dell inspiron 530s graphics gard help

could u help me find a small graphics card for a dell 530s 250wat power supply im really confused about this any help would be apreciated
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  1. your power supply is holding you back, the video card in the link below might work with your power supply, but again, not too sure.
  2. Hey,
    What kind of performance do you need?/how much are you willing to spend?

    If you are just looking for basic video watching performance a 4550 is a good choice.

    The best performing low profile card for you would probably be an ATI 5570 around $80.

    Power use of competition in a test system:

    (the 9600GT/9800GT are the most powerful low profile options but probably wouldnt work on your PSU)
  3. +1 for deadlockedworld, although you might want to upgrade to this for any real power.
    from delluser
  4. edited by mistake
  5. well the 5570 will work on a 250w power supply. im using 1 right now also on a inspiron 530s.
  6. if I throw in the 5570 will it be able to play starcraft 2. Right now the 530S can barely play it with everything set to low. Thanks
  7. yes you should. depending on your resolution you might be able to play it on high settings.
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