Ati 3850 vs 5670?

whats better for gaming?
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    finally found a review that compares the 5670 directly with the 3850. 5670 wins in every way.
  2. ^^^

    Oh well... you beat me to it...
  3. The lowest priced HD 5670 512MB at Newegg is $85:

    I would like to add that the lowest priced HD 5670 1GB is $110 over at Newegg.

    The lowest priced HD 5750 1GB is $140 over at Newegg + a free game

    If you were thinking about going with the HD 5670 1GB, then saving an extra $30 will net you a significant increase in performance with the HD 5750 1GB.
  4. thx alot guys
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