Windows virtual pc 2007 not supporting 1366*768 resolution for windows

Hello Sir
i'm using windows vitual pc 2007 in my windows 7 pc so that i may use turbo c++ in full screeen laptop is dell 15 inch and has a resolution of 1366*768....when i switch the virtual pc to full screen gets out of full screen mode with a popping message saying that "you have selected a resolution that is too high for your monitor and you can not use full screen mode" vmware windows xp runs smoothly in full mode but turbo c still runs in small mode...and when i select 1024*768 resolution. it runs in full mode in virtual pc 2007 but both sidebar of my screen are blank....i also have installed virtual machine additions... i have tried everything i know but could not resolve the plz sir help me anyway plz plz.......thanks in advance..
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  1. You already have a thread running for this issue. Don't multi-post.
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