Borderlands killed my computer?

I am running Windows7-64bit on an Asus P6T Delux v2 mboard with an Intel i7-920 2.66, 12gb Kingston ram, with 2 crossfired VisionTek Radeon 4870 512 mb cards cards. I use Photoshop and the CS3 suite and play Civ 4 without a problem but I tried to play Borderlands and after about 20 minutes I smelled burning plastic. I now have a black screen that won't recover. It is going into the shop Monday- Is this an issue with Borderlands? I thought this system would handle any game on the market. Any ideas what went wrong?
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  1. What is your PSU?? It almost sounds like your PSU fried, which can give you the burnt smell. Will the PC do anything?? Fans spin / light up bit no activity on screen.

    Borderlands would have stressed your PSU more than any other of the programs and games you have listed.
  2. Thanks for reply -
    fans spin, internal lights on mb and graphics card - no lights on 3.5 bay usb ports and no response to usb mouse when plugged in. PSU = Corsair tx750w crossfire ready
  3. Corsair is normally a reliable PSU. Have you looked inside the case to see if there are any signs of damage that could point to the burnt smell? Do you have a mother PSU to test the system with using just one GPU? Have you tried running with one GPU / test each GPU to make sure they didn't go bad??
  4. K I think its PSU. Maybe just a coincidence that it happened while playing a game.
    So just open ur case and SMELL ur PSU, if it stinks then problem solved.
  5. I've had this same problem its probably your PSU
  6. I wonder if the PSU killed all his other stuff to.
  7. When my old 430 watt PSU died it did nearly the same thing. Except it turned into a smoke machine. It didn't hit any of my stuff though.
  8. But he said it Corsair. I Would NEVER expect that from that brand.
  9. *** happens? Nothing is gonna have a 100% awesome/perfect rate.
  10. False_Dmitry_II said:
    *** happens? Nothing is gonna have a 100% awesome/perfect rate.

    So true
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