Scratched my Motherboard

I scratched my motherboard while removing the Heat Sink of the CPU. Actually, its the opposite side of motherboard where you mount the Heat Sink Holder bracket. While removing it i scratched hard on the motherboard and it looks damaged. I can't test it by starting it as I don't have other stuff ready. But I have uploaded some pics and you can tell if it is bad enough to cause damage.

PS: My Motherboard is Gigabyte EX58-Extreme
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  1. It looks scratched in areas where there are no running connections (solder joints etc.).. So, as per me, it'll work perfectly fine..
  2. I hope so. What do you mean no running connections? I can see circuit lines going through the area where it is scratched.
  3. Its a high quality board (i believe one with 2oz copper shielding), so you should be fine. the PCB itself is not sensitive, and as long as you haven't gouged deep enough to damage the circuitry it should be fine.but you'll need to test it to make sure anyway.
  4. How can i test it?
  5. By getting a CPU, PSU and a stick of RAM and bread-boarding it.
  6. i had inflicted the same sort of damage while trying to remove a card slot bendie break out gap filler plate u know the little bits of uncut plates on a new case in the back well i had added a video card in on the second pcie port with board installed but when i went to break out the metal piece it came in to contact with the mother board and the exact same sort of scrape occured. examined in real close with magnification to make sure the copper was not severed exposed yes but not severed .

    to fix this

    Nail polish..
    dab it on the exposed copper if its an issue.
  7. what's with this breadboarding? sounds like a method to make bread. :P
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