$1,300 system for video editing

Would appreciate comments on this proposed system. My most demanding apps are video editing/conversion programs. No gaming.

Case: Cooler Master RC-690-KKN1-GP ATX midtower ($80)
Motherboard: ASUS P6X58D ATX board ($285)
Processor: Intel Core i7-920 ($289)
Video: EVGA 512-P3-N871-AR GeForce 9800 GTX ($135)
Memory: Corsair Dominator 8 GB (4 x 2 GB) 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM 1600 (CMD8GX3M4A1600C8) ($290)
Hard drive: Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1 TB, SATA 6 GB/s ($120)
Power supply: Corsair CMPSU-650TX 650W ($100)
Optical drive: Cannibalizing SATA DVD-RW combo drive from my old computer

Already have 24" LCD monitor (NEC AccuSync LCD24WMCX) with DVI connection.

I picked the Cooler Master case because of all the fan openings. I may put a few extra in.

I picked the ASUS mobo because it supports SATA 6 GB/s and is supposed to simplify overclocking.

Already have multiple external HDs for backup purposes.
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  1. I don't realy like that motherboard to much. Also, don't buy that card. Better of with this: . In addition, wait untill the i7-930 luanches, in like less than a week.

  2. It is important to know what exact main edit suites you intend to work with.
    Most important ... Do you fully intend to use Avid or Premier (any flavors) as your toolset.

    This matters ... and, if it is just home video and "art project studio" and consumer/prosumer bit-rates at or below 27Mbits/sec., then you may not need that workstation card (or even an expensive gamers card) because, you will be working in Vegas-Pro or Liquid-Edition and CueBase, etc., which do not care much, if anything, about graphics, except for memory and a modicum of speed.

    = Al =
  3. Case / PSU: Suggest one of the following:

    HAF 922 w/ Corsair TX650 ($100 - $20 MIR + $100 - $20 MIR)


    Antec 900 w/ EA-650 ($180)

    Motherboard: ASUS P6X58D ATX board - Superb Choice

    Processor: Intel Core i7-920 ($289) - 930 should drop by Monday.

    Video: Consult Software Manufacturer's recommendations

    Memory: No good, you need matched 3 x @GB sets ($189) - 6GB CAs 7 option and 12 GB CAS 8 option

    Hard Drives - Check out the performance charts and pick whatever 500 GB per platter drive performs best under your usage patterns. The 2 TB WD Black and LX from Seagate are good choice but at smaller capacities, you are limited to the Seagate 7200.12 or the Spinpoint F3. The 7200.12 excels in gaming, multimedia and pictures whereas the F3 wins at music and movie maker. See the comparisons here (copy past link in manually, link won't work in forum):

    Look at the tests that reflect your usage and choose accordingly.
  4. save your self some money
    dump the memory and use OCZ ddr3 1600 gold series.

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