P7P55D-E-LX and wind XP Home with Corsair ram keeps freezing

Hi All,

My p.c. is built at the shop and there having issues with the Corsair Dominator C7 and C9 ram with Asus board and windows home xp, which I believe is 32bit.

They now have put cheaper 1333mhz ram and it docent freeze for some weird reason.

Anyone have any ideas what is wrong?

Apparently they have updated the bios and never had issues with this board with windows 7 and decent rams like Corsair Dominator and Hyper X.

Thanks to all in advance


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  1. Did you download all the latest patches and drivers for your PC and XP? Did you install the RAM as marked?
  2. The shop is putting it together for me and they did say the downloaded the latest mb bois and my xp already has service pack 2

    Should i suggest them to dwnload all the latest drivers for video card as well???
  3. If its a RAM problem the video card shouldn't affect it at all. As to updates tell the shop to go for sevice pack 3, Microsoft no longer provides updates for SP2(or you could also download and install it yourself). I think it might be a RAM problem but if it works well in another system I have to say it's a motherboard problem.
  4. I also think its a ram or motherboard issue and not the OS, ill give them a call and see where there at......
  5. Can u believe they put a 900 watt GW Gatewall and it works perfect but isn't it way to much? I didn't think a basic system like this needed so much power?

    I told them to install a 750watt corsair and see how that goes and if it works out well should I go cooler master 750watt instead as it's $30.00 cheaper?
  6. I don't think Cooler Masters are actually that stable, however why would you go for 750W. If the system is really that basic a 400W or 500W should do.
  7. I know it's basic and I carnt figure out why the 650watt is not enough?

    Any ideas why the 650watt is not working and the 900watt does work?
  8. No clue, I think bad PSU. I got an Antec 650W and I'm regretting getting this much power as I don't really need it, even if I max out a max system it won't pass the 500W mark.
  9. What are the con's of having a bigger PSU???
  10. PSUs are more efficient when you use 65%-85% of its max wattage, sure 80 plus certification means that it is at least over 80% efficiency at 20,40,60% levels but not as efficient as the ideal levels. Efficiency means that more power is converted to useful dc current and not wasted in the conversion process.
  11. ok so bigger PSU dosent have to work as hard and it runs in its efficient watt range, so no big deal if i stick with a bigger PSU really???

    I use that logic with everything even my cars so things last longer and run better and thats why i went GTX460 over a 5770card.
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    No I meant the PSU waste less watts trying to power the equiptment. Can't really pull up numbers but for example if you're pulling 500W from a 500W PSU(which I don't recommend) if it only has an efficiency rating of 80% at that level than it has to really pull in 625W because 20% of it is wasted as heat in the conversion process. For light use that 750W Corsair will barely draw more than 300W, drawing around 40% of capacity efficiency can't be really high at all.
  13. ok cool i understand what u mean now

    So its best to go 650watt as it will run in the 65-80% efficient wattage rage
  14. Depends on how much power all your components use. List your system specs.
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