New Build going nuts please help

So I'm trying to build an htpc for the living room. Having a hell of a time. Heres my setup
gigabyte ga-ma785gmt-ud2h
phenom 555 black
patriot pd32g1333elk ddr3 1333
cooler master case
tried various sata hdd's

So I have replaced the cpu (was a 250) and swapped out the mobo. With the same one. Have tried 2 sets of this ram, thats the only 2gb of ddr3 my local store sells.

Also the psu is a cooler master 460w. I just bought it and had it in another pc with a quad core so I know it works.

Anyways for the life of me I can not get any video output what so ever. From any port. I also have a His 5670 that is going in it. No video from that either. I feel like its got to be something dumb I am missing but I am really frustrated and disappointed that this is going so poorly.

Please help, I have also tried just 1 stick of ram in every different slot.

Btw the mobo have 2, 4 pin headers for the cpu. Do I need to plug in both of them? I have tried every combo but just wondering how that should be.
EDIT, sorry when I hit the power, the cpu and case fan turn on fine just like normal, just no video, I dont have a speaker so no beep codes.
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  1. Have you completed all the items in this checklist??
  2. Did you go into the bio and disable onboard video ?
  3. Yes I went through the checklist.

    I cant even get to the bios. I see nothing at all on my display. There is no OS or anything, brand new build.
  4. you have both the 24 and 8 pin plug into the mobo ?
  5. Yes sir it is. For some reason I feel like its the ram, not even saying its bad but maybe doesnt wantto go well with this board for some reason. I have had 2 boards(2 of these and also an asus) and 2 different cpus.

    Neither worked (the asus gave me a bios error.) The constant between the 2 was this ram. I have have had 2 different sets but its still the same model.

    I'm thinking of just taking the mobo and ram back and getting one that uses ddr2 so I have more choices.
  6. I am having a similar issue with a GA-MA785GM-US2H. I just posted about it too. I have read on this motherboard and found that this video thing is not quite common but has happened to a few people.

    To most people it appears to be happening more than once. (The replacement board has the same issue.) To me that is either a hardware compatibility issue or the builders are making the same mistake more than once.

    My board was working fine until I shipped the computer to my brother, and now its not working at all. Hope that helps
  7. I think mine was the ram. I took it back and went with a biostar. I know not my first choice but it booted right up and I couldn't be happier!!!
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