Conroe 3.0 - 38c idle 60c load - too hot?

I have had great success asking the experts here, so I thought I would shoot this quick question by you.

I feel like I am getting a little hot on my conroe (socket 775).
Its running around 33 to 38c for idle and gets up to about 57/60 (per core) when I have been gaming for a while.
I'm running core temp and have a G15 keyboard, so I am able to monitor core temp while gaming.

My setup has a huge 12cm (120mm) fan on a cooler master hyper cpu cooler.

I have been using this rig for 2 years now, but as recently as 5 months ago, I had put this new cpu cooler with new arctic silver paste.

The problem is I have just begun running core temp and have no initial reading to reference this too.
I always noticed that on resets after long gaming sessions that the bios cpu temp never seemed to be over 30-40c so I wasn't worried.

I'm about to rip into my case and add a new HDD and add a 2nd video card.
During this, I will be cleaning everything up.

Should I redo the cooler and arctic paste, is this getting too hot for conroes?

I would do this without pause, but the lga775 socket is a real pain in the ass and takes a 7 year old asian's hands to secure...

Help, thanks!
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  1. Well depending on where you live its starting to get warmer for summer where I am and can expect higher temps with the rise in ambient temperature. Your temps look pretty good I would leave it be for a 65nm conroe those temps are great.
  2. Appreciate any excuse to NOT disassemble the lga 775 bracket, lol.

    I'll just safely pop in the new hdd and 2nd video card, reinstall windows, drivers, and updates for 8 hours and I should be good to go!

    thanks again!
  3. Changed my sig to reflect the correct cpu cooler.
  4. Try that again...
  5. Those temps are fine. Enjoy your CPU.
  6. I get the same temps with my wolfdale...

    That's fine:)
    Its Probably due to summer
  7. Thanks for everyone's input!
    Puts me at ease, since I wont have to fight the lga 775 drywall screws for an hour now, lol!
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