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does anybody know any company that you can send your pc them and they can overclock your cpu? i contacted ncix and they said they dont. any companys?
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  1. Why not do yourself?

    What are the specs for your system?
  2. i would overclock it my self but this was my first pc build and i have not overclocked before and i am scared to death to do something wrong. my pc specs are: amd 6100, gigabyte 970a-d3, corsair vengence 8gb 1866mhz, his 7850 2gb, coolermaster hyper 212+.
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    You can use AMD Overdrive to let the system OC itself (and safely). It is free and effective. Get it here:
  4. do you know how it works? or what to do?
  5. i looked up some information of people using it on youtube and it looks really easy. of course im not going to go extreme i want at least 4.0ghz or 4.5ghz if anything if my heatsink can handle it. and another question is in a video the is some like videos after you overclock and you watch it to see how hot your cpu gets and my question is how long should i leave those running?
  6. Stress test should be left on for around 2-4 hours to ensure stability.
  7. alright thank you guys so much! gonna overclock tommorrow after i get up. maybe now i can play bf3 instead on console
  8. like i said before thank you so much you guys! i got my cpu at 4.0ghz and the highest temp was 47c.
  9. You are most welcome. Enjoy!
  10. i will and one more question. would you know how much fps i would get with my specs on bf3 at high/ultra settings?
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