HDMI Outout on a 9600GT

Hoping someone can help me with this issue, its a bit of an odd set up. I'm trying to set up a computer to output video and audio to a monitor and TV via HDMI. The idea is to be able to watch avi's on the tv with sound coming from the TV.

Short story:

Nvidia 9600GT outputting to an HP LCD monitor w/Speakers and Samsung LCD TV.
Monitor and TV are set up in dual monitor, extended desktop.
SPDIF cable from motherboard to video card is plugged in and working.
Video card to monitor will output video and audio. Using DVI to HDMI cable.
Video card to TV will output video but not audio. Using DVI to HDMI cable.
Primary sound is though the onboard 5.1 audio connected to 5.1 Logitech speakers.

Need the sound to output to TV.

Long Story:

I was asked to help a friend of a friend. Her son had recently committed suicide. She is trying to make use of the computer he built. After a number of visits to get everything working the last hurdle is getting the computer to output to the TV so she can watch his movies on something bigger than her monitor.

The video card has two DVI ports. On DVI port 1 we have a DVI to HDMI cable plugged in to an HP LCD monitor. On DVI Port 2 we have a DVI to HDMI cable plugged in to a Samsung LCD TV. Video output on both has been just fine from the get go. However we were also trying to get sound to the TV. After discovering that we needed the SPDIF cable to go from the motherboard to the video card, we bought a cable (thank god for ebay) and plugged it in. We then discovered that the monitor had audio (HORRIBLE Speakers) and was receiving it from the HDMI cable. This was in addition to the audio being pushed out from the onboard 5.1 sound in to the 5.1 Logitech speakers. However what was not being produced was any audio to the Samsung TV.

Because the person who bought and built the computer was her son, its not possible to get any information, including whereabouts of the manuals. I've been trying to track down the models and manuals of all the hardware of the computer but its been a piecemeal situation.

Because of the physical setup of the room its not possible just to use the Logitech speakers for the audio, it ends up with the TV in front of her and all the audio coming from the side. As it is we barely got a cable long enough to go from TV to computer.

When I search for anything on the topic it seems to be the only issue people have is that SPDIF cable hasn't been plugged in or cant be found. That hurdle has been passed (ebay is a godsend), and we can get audio to the monitor. We just cant get seem to get the card to output audio to the TV.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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  1. Forgot to mention.
    OS = Windows XP SP3
    Motherboard = Gigabyte running intel chipset (model not known at the moment)
    Video Card = EVGA 9600 GT
    CPU = Intel Core Duo (model not known at the moment)
    RAM = 4GB (model not known at the moment)
  2. Could you just switch the physical connections on the back of the card? Perhaps the audio only gets routed to one of the DVI/HDMI ports. If this is not the case, or if it doesn't work, check to see if there are 2 separate "HDMI audio devices" in the sound control panel. Perhaps switching from one to the other could swap it out.
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