CM Hyper 212+ or Scythe Mugen cooler ?

Hey guys, I just wanted to ask for an opinion on a cooler I want to get. From reading articles testing coolers I think these two fit my criterias perfectly. I am talking about Coolermaster Hyper 212+ and Scythe Mugen 2 Rev.2 (SCMG-2100).

I only want to ask are both fan's PWM compatible ? And actually does PWM work like a laptop fan, working almost silently under low load,because that is what I want.

They seem to be in the same price range ( I live in the UK, so if you can point where one of them is considerably cheaper do tell :) ), and seem to be close to each other on cooling performance ( speed ) and noise, both of which factors are also quite important to me. Saying that the 212 has two fans where the Scythe has one, does the extra fan add much in terms of noise ?

Also is there a point in buying a replacement fan ? In tom's articles it seems to improve temps by a few degrees, which I think is a lot. Which fan/fans would you recommend me in that case ?

So if you could just spare a few thoughts on this I would be very grateful ;]
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    The Mugen II is a little better, and if are in the same price range I would go fo the Mugen II.
  2. Thank you very much. I actually chose the site I will buy from - and there the
    CM Hyper 212 is £19.95
    and the
    Scythe Mugen 2 is £38.76

    So I will probably go with the 212, it said it comes with only 1 fan and I can choose to buy another. Would that improve things, or should I buy a better replacement fan for the one existing ?

    I'm pretty sure the default one is PWM compatible ( correct me if Im wrong), but it if it is not then I will definitely buy a replacement.

    Also sorry if this sounds ill-informed but my current fan ( the stock fan of a pentium 4 ) is connected by a 3pin wire to the motherboard. If this fan is PWM, which is 4pin (again correct me if Im wrong) then would my motherboard be able to use the speed reduction features or would even be able to plug it in at all ?
  3. The default fan that comes with the Hyper 212+ only can run at 1900rpm or 2000, in my case I change that fan for two of this: CM R4-L2R-20CG-GP 120mm, but the default fan is good too.

    U are right, the stock fan comes with PWM.

    The new mobos comes with a 4 pin connection, one of the pins is the speed controller. U can find some 4 pin to 3 pin converter to connect the 4 pin fan to the 3 pin mobo connector.
  4. Ah I understand, I want to use it for my current LGA775 motherboard and my future LGA1366 board, so that is great. I probably dont have 4pin connection on my current but as you said I will just get a converter to use it on (obviously then it would not be able to control the rpm and just run at 100% all the time ? ).

    One thing I dont get is though, if it can run at only 1900 or 2000 rpm, what does PWM actually do, because it should lower the rpm when the system is not under use if I am correct ?

    Im sure the default fan will probably suit my needs, but looking at the fan you posted, I dont see how its better to be honest (except if you count the LEDs as better :) ), its got the same rpm and size. So if you could clarify those two things I would be very grateful :)
  5. Yeah the PWM works depending of the load of the CPU and the fan works to high or low rpm depending of the load of the CPU.

    Now. Both are 120mm and 2000rpm, but the air flow of the stock fan is 76.8 max, while the air flow of the 2nd one is 90.
  6. I see, so even though it says it only runs at 2000 rpm with PWM it would still go down to lets say a 1000 under low load ?

    Anyway thanks for the info, Im not sure how to select best answer and if that does antything, points etc, but if I knew I would - you have been helpful.
  7. Yeah, with PWM can run at 2000 or 1000 all depends of the load of the CPU.
  8. I have a CM 212+ and the stock fan is almost inaudible on my Antec 900. I wouldn't add that second fan unless you need to because all it does is add noise otherwise. I'm cooling a i7 860 so I don't think it's a particularly hot CPU. I personally value quiet over sheer MHz so this was a good choice for me. Plus it was cheap- $21.99 on sale.

    Oh one other thing, when I'm not running games or some other CPU intensive action, the fan doesn't even turn on. The CPU is effectively passively cooled most of the time. It spins up when I load it but I'm not so sure the fan can only spin at one speed- I thought that was to point of PWM, that you can use voltage to ratchet up fan speed based on measured temperature. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty certain that the fan spins up at a variable rate depending on how much work the CPU is doing.
  9. Just to clarify, if you put your 4-pin connector into a 3-pin socket you won't get PWM control.

    Also you probably won't need to get a converter - unless your 3-pin header on the board has specific notches or skirts on it you can just connect the 4-pin connector and leave the PWM pin hanging over the edge.
  10. I'm w/ Saint
  11. Ah I see, so the 4th pin will probably be hanging until I get a new mobo that supports it. I will probably just replace my stock 212 fan with a better one that just pushes a bit more air, making it less noisy, without sacrificing degrees.

    Thanks a lot for the help to all !!!
  12. Any time, that's why we are here.
  13. The replacement CM fan you used seemed to be pretty good, considering reviews, not 90 CFM but still good. I couldn't find a similarly priced and performing one on the UK websites so I will just stick with the default one for the time being.

    I actually thought about asking something else, hoping its ok.

    When I get the cooler I am thinking of doing a complete PC clean, and since I am taking of the stock cooler I was thinking of taking off my GPU cooler/fan as well for a thorough clean.

    Would you guys say its a good idea ? Also Im aware that the 212+ comes with enough thermal paste for its own application, but since I will be taking the GPU heatsink off, I assume I have to apply new thermal paste there too, would that tube be enough for both or should I just buy another tube. Keep in mind I have never put thermal paste before. Also if I do which one should I buy ?

    Picture of my GPU

  14. I'ts a good idea.

    U can go with a Artic Silver 5 12 gram and use it in ur CPU cooler and GPU cooler, and save the thermal paste that comes with ur cooler.
  15. Gotta go with the Scythe Mugen. Thats too cool a name for a heatsink!
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