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This is a very robust computer I bought 3 years ago and has worked like a charm since then having virtually no hardware problems. I periodically open up the case to blow away dust but this time after cleaning it and reconnecting it, it just won't start. I realise alot of you are professionals at this so I will try and be as specific as I can about my problem. In chronological order.

1. Computer working fine for 3 years, regulary open case to clean dust (tissue and blowing or hairdryer)
2. This time I opened up the case, used hairdryer and a tissue.
3. The only time in which there was contact between me and the MB was when I detached the cable to the fan that is on casis, so as to remove the case and get more working space.
4. Reconnected everything, done this several times, no undue force etc was used.

The problem itself:

1. When using the POWER switch in front of the computer it powers up for maybe half a second, then instantly reboots.
2. After the reboot the power stays on for 4-5 seconds, long enough for it to make the "checking if there is CD inside the drive" noise and the HD mount noise.
3. At no time during these 2 steps do I get any kind of visual, I have 2 screens connected to the 9800gtx and they won't even turn themselves on, they are all black.
4. It will repeat step 2 a few times then finally after a reboot just be powered on, but relaying no information to me, still black screen and the souds the computer makes are identical to those it made when it was working to me, so no error sounds made by the MB or anything like that.

Now the only hardware that may be damaged is the harddrive, as it has been violated by torrents and small write/reads from my thesis for a few years now. But that should let me boot in the first place and let me see SOMETHING on the screens? Or any kind of sounds? Which makes me believe it might be 9800gtx acting up due to no screens working.

EDIT: Should have mentioned that the "USB detection" beeps of the P45-neo are not there, there are just 2 small tik tik sounds then reboot :/

I would sincerly appreciate any help, this is the only computer I use for my schoolwork and although having backups the only other computer I have at home is a small aspire one, not fit for work at all.
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  1. You can troubleshoot by removing the board and placing it on a non conductive surface, connecting each lead one by one. Next time I recommend you spend $5 or less for a canned air product for cleaning fans, and don't disconnect anything. It's not necessary. The canned air products contain solvents that evaporate quickly.
  2. You could have pulled a lead, verify that ALL connections are firmly secure.

    Can you boot in to the BIOS via the DELETE key?
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