Serious problems with new build

Hi. I just finished my first new build. Everything was running fine for a while. I was messing around with BIOS- trying to overclock and whatever other stupid things I could find to do. Not sure if I messed something up there, or someplace else. I have returned BIOS to its default settings, but the problem still persists. The problem started when I was playing a game. T^he thing would just freeze up and the computer would shut down. I would get to the blue screen right before,which goes too fast for me to even read what it says to write here. Something about shutting down to protect the comp, and I should check if hardware is installed properly, etc... Anyway, it seems to only happen with games, although I tried writing this once before and it happened then too.

Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks!!

(The rig):
Mobo: MB ASROCK M3A770DE 770+SB710 RT

CPU: CPU AMD|PH II X4 955 3.2G AM3 R

video card: VGA MSI|R5850-PM2D1G OC HD5850 R 1 MSI 626 913 0828

Data HDD: HD 640G|WD 32M SATA2 WD6400AADS

Primary HDD: 150GB SATA 10000 Rpm 16MB Cache Drive

Windows 7 64bit
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  1. check the heatsink on the cpu

    Make sure its firmly in place and that there isnt too much or too little thermal paste . You need a tiny drop , and no more

    als check the gfc card isnt over clocked in CCC
  2. Check all of your temperatures. Run MemTest86+, Prime95 (Try each mode), and FurMark for a while. Let us know which programs failed, if any, and what your temperatures are.

    Also, clearing the BIOS does not reset the graphics card, so make sure that's running at standard clocks also.
  3. Thanks for the info. The only thing I know I did right was installing the cpu and heatsink. I didnt add thermal because it already had some stock. I had been regularly monitoring the temps all around, and never got over 41c. I also reset the ccc to whatever was stock settings. But as of late the thing is rebooting without even playing games. someone had mentioned a couple of potential issues with my building job... so I am thinking I have no choice but to take apart and re-assemble. I am just afraid my beginners luck will have run out. I really believe it has something to do with settings, cause I had messed around with a lot of stuff without really knowing what I was doing.
  4. Hey guys

    I took the entire computer apart, and rebuilt it from scratch. No problems that I could find.

    Still have the problem when I try playing this game. Get this message:

    [String.."/savegames/005/"]:1:invalid control char near 'char (0)'
    Press "retry" to debug

    I hit retry a few times, and it will just go to the blu-screen and then shut down/ restart.

    Definitely has to be a config problem or something. I am sure all the components are compatible, so it must be something I was messing around with in the settings or bios or something.... Any new thoughts??
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