Best ddr2 m/b + cpu ?

I am looking for best soloution for using my 4x2 gb of ddr2 1066 gskill ram with a new m/b and cpu

I had purchased win 7 64bit pro and the 8gb or ram with intention of using on my asus m2n-vm-dh m/b but although the win7 loaded fine and the memory works I cannot find most of the drivers to run my m/b correctly so now i need a new m/b

I have 2x 4890 ati cards 1 is currently in another comp plenty of power supply etc.. so am looking for the best m/b cpu combo that will run ddr2 ram and have 2x pcie 16x slots duno if u can get m/b that will run 1066 ram on all 4 sticks ? lot say seem only run 1066 on1 match pair not 2x ?

Im pretty sure the i5 intel cpu wont run ddr2 so this leaves me looking for an am2 am2+ am3 board? and a cpu with similar performance as the i5 as probably the BE 965 amd 125w I know im not going get most out of the cpu but hoping not lose to much performance with the ddr2?

any suggustion be appreciated for m/b must be new model fully compat win 7 64bit !!
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  1. batuchka said:

    seem to be lot customer complaints about win 7 compatibilty and not recognising more than 2 sticks of ram...... which is must since main reason i need new m/b and maybe cpu is because win7 issue with old m/b and fact i want use my 4x2g modules of ddr2 1066 ram....

    . anyone else can think of a late model hicgh spec ddr2 m/b??
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