Need a motherboard to go with this build

I don't want SLI or FS but i want to overclock the xfx 5850 (not black edition) and get the CUPto like 3.5ghz. What motherboard will overclock well without SLI or FS with this build? Been looking at the Asus P7P55D series and the gigabyte boards but i don't really understand them. Is there one in particular that will overclock better at -$100?

i5 750
4gb ddr3 memory
xfx 5850
600w power supply (OCZ)
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  1. any suggestion?
  2. I would look at motherboards with the P55 chipset...
    But your gonna have a hard time finding anything decent for under $100
  3. Theyll all perform around the same, OCing and everything else wise, asrock had a reputation as good OC brand though from memory as long as it has a p55 chipset
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