Getting Ready to Order, looking for Critiques

Just getting ready to make my order on NewEgg, and figured that I would throw this build up here. I had some assistance this last week in another thread, and have ultimately ended up with this build. I am right at my $650 mark (2 dollars over, actually.) It seems that I have deleted, and redone this build several times over, and will keep doing so unless I get some outside input. I have parts not listed (IE hard drive, DVD RW). Thanks for any input and assistance. Also, as stated the $650 mark as listed about is firm (my wife will have my head if I go any more than this.)

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  1. If you want to cut cost, you can drop down to the Antec 200 Silver and Antec EarthWatts EA500 Combo, which still gives you plenty of power for your system.

    The rest of your build looks good at your budget. :)
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