Can I spec out a system now, buy in 2 months?

Hi all,

Just wanted to ask a general question. I just got a new job, wanting to build a new system for about mid may this year. I am excited about it, and am starting to put a build together. My question is, is it futile to create a build and buy in a couple months due to the amount of new products that may release in that time? or should the basics of a build hold over acouple months?

Thanks for any suggestions, obviously don't want to waste my time but the more effort I put into the build likely the better.

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  1. Yeh, lots of stuff coming out in a few months/a year like Northern Islands form ATI, Fermi from Nvidia, The i7-980X/i7-930 from Intel, and new 3d moniters. Also, prices of exisiting software/hardware will lower. Build it later.
  2. Spec out a rig 2 mths later, pull the trigger a few days later :P
  3. Sounds like a plan. But I'm still gonna put a pre-build together... I can't help myself.
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