Core i3 heatsink fan seems flimsy

I'm building core i3 530, asus P7H55-M PRO, 4GB G.Skill Ripjaw memory. 750w extreme Rosewil PS in a Lian Li Lancool case.
Build went off without a hitch. Powered up to Bios everything looked fine a few seconds later got the CPU Temperature Error and then computer shut off. Researched it a little and decided to try to solve the problem by removing the stock thermal compound and replacing it with Arctic Silver 5. Followed all their instructions for application to Core i3. Rebuilt and booted up. everything was fine and then during the Windows 7 restart during installation saw same message but "F1" to finish installation then powered off.
Any ideas? I'm suspecting the mounting feature for the Heat Sink fan. (it seems VERY flimsy) and this "seat over mobo holes and rotate plastic screws 90 degrees just doesn't seem to give it a snug fit. Maybe it does it just seems questionable. Anyone notice this? Am I missing something? Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. I'd try and reseat the HSF, and try to get the cooler balanced, and locked in firmly. Try watching some videos or read guides on how to install an Intel LGA 775/1156/1366 socket, apart from the size of the cooler, they are all installed the same way AFAIK.
  2. Unless the fan has changed between Lynnfield and Clarkdale, you don't turn the screws unless you're taking the heatsink fan out. To seat the HSF you first need to push it down so the four posts are securely in the motherboard. They may stick out the back of the motherboard slightly. Then pushdown on the four screws. They should absolutely and clearly stick out the back of the motherboard.

    This should help:
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