Is there such thing as a 2gb dual channel RAM module?

Just the question above.
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  1. Is this what you are referring to?? RAM @ 2GB (2x1GB) Dual Channel
  2. No I told a guy on youtube to get a 2gb dual channel module instead of 2x1gb dual channel, but he told me I must be using some alien tech because theres no such thing as a 2gb dual channel RAM module. I was told that the 2gb RAM that came with my computer (which is a single stick) was dual channel.
  3. That person is a troll, or retarded.

    dual channel is the system of Using 2 sticks of RAM that run simultaneously, to increase performance. one stick cannot be dual channel, any more than a single monitor can be a multi-monitor setup.
  4. This is what you are looking for, I think?? ... 4GB (2x2GB)
  5. So what you are saying is that my 1 stick of 2gb is not dual channel, but if I get another 2gb stick it will be a dual channel kit?
  6. Yes... :)
  7. exactly.
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