BSOD, Suggestions?

Hi there.

I've been running this system for a few months now, was running fine about a month ago but now it's deciding to give me a blue screen.
All started when I installed ubuntu on a dual boot, so I whiped the HD with killdisk and started again by reinstalling windows 7 professional.

Here's my system:
i5 750
MSI P55 GD65
G.Skill Ripjaws (2x2gb)
Coolermaster Real Power Pro 550w
Seagate Baracuda 300gb
LiteOn SATA DVD Burner
Thermaltake Xaiser VI MX Case
TP-Link TL-WN651G

Ever since i've installed windows 7, i've been getting a BSOD on random occasions.

I have tried the following:
*Installed latest video card drivers from nvidia.
*Installed latest motherboard drivers & updates with MSI live update.
*Installed all latest windows updates.
*I ran memtest through about 4 passes on each stick of ram, and nothing displayed. And then ran it with both sticks in for about 4 tests, and still nothing.

Right now, i'm running the computer with just one stick of ram, instead of two.
And it runs fine with just one stick of ram, got me buggered. Lol...

Any suggestions, or pointing me in a direction would be highly greatful.
Thanks everyone.
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  1. Maybe a faulty DIMM slot?
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