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I currently have 4 gigs of memory, 2 2 gig chips. My mobo supports 4 chips, so I think for now I'll want to upgrade to 8 gigs with 2 gig chips.

I heard that memory is best installed in pairs for some reason. But, would my system be fine and run better if I installed one 2 gig chip this week and another in a couple weeks? My thought process is 6 gigs > 4 gigs, but since it's not in pairs, it just won't be as efficient if it was 2 chip upgrade?
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  1. A better question is... Why do you need more than 4GB of RAM? What are you doing that utilize all the RAM? There is little to no benefit in more than 4GB in 95% of system. It isn't the old saying "more is better".

    As for your question, you can upgrade one stick at a time if that is what you need to do. You will lose dual-channel support but that isn't a major deal :) .
  2. Currently the standard is 4 GB. yeah i quite agree. It's enough for most systems. Some ppl go to 6/8 GB to provide more RAM and for some future reserve. If you rejust curious, buy 4 GB first. You can add it later.
  3. Well, I'm upgrading my system to add a blu ray drive and play the possible video on a third monitor. I recently bought a new monitor that can play 1080p files, and the playback seems off...Not sure if bad fps, or what, but I just want to make sure when I upgrade to a blu ray drive and buy movies, the playback will be better.


    Ram 4gigs - 8 gigs
    Graphics card - 9800gt - HD 5770 (3 monitor support)
    Monitor - ViewSonic VX2250 - Dell U2211h (3rd monitor for movies)
    Audio - built in - ASUS Xonar Essence STX (for headphones)
    Blu Ray drive - ???

    Thats the order I'm thinking of upgrading my system. If you guys think 4 gigs will be good enough then I'll probably upgrade it after audio card.
  4. 4GB of Memory is acceptable for your system.
  5. I appreciate the help! I'll save upgrading my memory till the very end, if I still want. Thanks again!
  6. Agreed but with quite alternative; 4 Gb first, then if you decide to add more, add 4gb again..
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