Need a good 120mm fan to cool GTX 470

I have this case
It has 3 120mm stock fans in it and according to it's description, can fit 7.

I just got a GTX 470 and it gets crazy hot so I want to add an extra fan in (moderate noise level please).

I'm willing to spend up to 25$ per fan but if a 10$ fan can do the job, then that's good for me too.

Sorry if this question seems a bit simple but I have no idea what I'm looking for when it comes to case fans.

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  1. Well... a very powerful yet just as loud fan would be the Scythe Ultra Kaze 3000RPM... :D
  2. Well my case fans (@100%) are pretty loud (equivalent to the GTX 470 at 70% fan speed). As long as it's equal or quieter, i'd be happy.
  3. I can't exactly tell you the dB of my Ultra Kaze 2000RPM, but it's a good fan apart from the noise.
  4. If you're willing to spend up to 25$ per fan then you should take a look at after market vga coolers instead. Proligmatech, Thermalright or Arctic Cooling should have something that fits your needs.
  5. I don't really know anything about that stuff or where to find it, could you throw me a link or something? Are they a different type of case fan? Thanks!

    Edit: Nvm, not really looking to mod my video card because I don't want to void the warranty or chance breaking it.
  6. The Coolermaster 690 case you linked to has two 120mm fan mounting locations on the side panel. Install a 120mm intake fan in the lower location. It will blow fresh cool air toward the video card.

    I've had good luck with Scythe S-Flex 120mm, 1600 rpm, 28.0 dBA, fans.

    Lmeow - I took a look at They only list the Scythe Ultra Kaze, 120mm, 3,000 rpm fan. Noise level is rated at 45.9 dBA. That's right up there with the old Panaflo and Delta fans.
  7. I am also using the Scythe S-Flex SFF21-F fans. They also make a "G" model that moves more air at the expense of more noise.
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