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Upgrading from H60

I have an i5-3570k with a H60 in push/pull config. I want better cooling but my case won't fit a H100 rad but my case does have the holes for a custom water cooling setup. So here is my question.

Would I be better off buying a better corsair closed loop or would using this setup be better?

pump -
cpu block -
rad -
res -

197 dollars before piping/fittings/coolant.

I'm aiming for a OC of 4.5Ghz that will stay under 70c in 24/7 stress test in prime95.
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  1. Why not just an XSPC kit?
    Two more dollars, much higher headroom and its everything except water and a killcoil,
    **Edit, and you can add your gfx card in later if you wish with no need for extra rads
    If you don't know what a killcoil is, the next step is the Watercooling sticky up top
  3. I haven't heard of kits other than the thermaltake bigwater which I hear sucks.
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