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hello friends ,well we at our coll are planning to buy laptops for all students as a bulk which will be used for general coll usage ,running programs etc,i liked the dell 14r model but we don want 64 bit os ,my questions are

1) can we install a 32 bit os on core i3 with ddr 3 rams (xp sp2 in specific,as we will be using C++ compilers and most of the coll owned sfws are 32 bit compatible only )

2) i have listened that core i3 doesn't support Turbo c ( i knw it sounds a little odd but some where i came across this ,is it true ?i cant take chances plz confirm)
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  1. You can install 32-bit Windows on a Core i3/most 64-bit CPUs out there, apart from Intel Itanium. I can't see why Turbo C wouldn't be compatible with the Core i3, or any other modern CPU. I know near nothing about programming, and if Turbo C is 16-bit then it wouldn't work on a 64-bit O/S, but it should work on a 32-bit O/S running on a 64-bit processor.
  2. thanx for the reply :)
  3. You're welcome.
  4. Have win 7 32 Bit /4 gigs ram (3.4 Gigs avail for programs and operating system) on wife's computer - desktop. Only diff between desktop and laptop is in the chipsets supporting the cpu/video/HDD/audio. Win 7 will load the correct chipset drivers.

    As to turbo C++. - this is dependent on the operating system. Still do a little Basic programing (Basic professional ver) and it works with some exceptions such as calles to BIOS registors and some hardware specific coding. If your programs written in turbo C++ worked under win XP, you should have no problems in Win 7 32 Bit.

    Added: You have the option in win 7 to run programs in XP compatability mode. Currently run some programs wriiten for windows 95/98 with no problems.
  5. The I3 doesn't have turbo, meaning it doesn't increase clock speed the way I5/I7 does. I'm not sure if the Op was referring to that, or this turbo C++ you guys are talking about as i'm not a programmer.
  6. thank u for ur comments
  7. I thought the i3 had turbo but no HT? I have not kept up with the lower end Intel stuff in a long time.
  8. No, Core i3s do not have Turbo Boost but they do have Hyper-Threading. Pentium G6950s do not have TB nor HTT.
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