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Hello I wanted to overclock my i5/3450 to the max I know its locled I am going to be overclocking on a z77 sabertooth and I am using an h100

I just wanted to know how to oc
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  1. if you want to overclock get K series unlocked intel processors
  2. I know I already ahve a 3450 I wanted to know how to overclock
  3. You can adjust the multiplier up 4 points, otherwise it is not going to OC more.
  4. raise the base (BLK) frequency , google i5 3450 overclock and you can read up on forums for instuctions on how to do it
  5. Yep, up the turbo multipliers by 4 each. That's all you're going to get, but it's going to run rock-solid with no extra fiddling.

    That motherboard is huge overkill for overclocking a 3450 though. I did it on an Asrock Z75 Pro3 that costs, what, a third of what the Sabertooth does?
  6. alvine said:
    raise the base frequency

    I wouldn't recommend messing too much with that.
  7. they were all 37 and Iraisewd the 1st cire to 39 second to 39 3d to 35 AND 4TH TH 33
  8. You bought a locked CPU, it is not meant for much in the way of overclocking, you should be able to adjust your multiplier 4 points though, look it up, I am not sure you actually know what your adjusting.
  9. i raisng all 4 core
  10. gg overclocking locked processor with stock cooler :D
  11. alvine said:
    gg overclocking locked processor with stock cooler :D

    Works fine if you just do it right. Else I'd like to know why my Core i5-3450 with a stock cooler is running Folding@Home at 3.7 GHz.

    @OP, you can only raise each by 4 bins. So 39/39/38/37 IIRC.
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