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I have a few questions. I just finish building my computer and instead of buying a new sata hard drive, i used my old one. Will that be a problem b/c I just plug it in and used it and not reinstalling a fresh windows on it. I did plug it and it booted up but my usb aren't working. Both front and back and so it can't read my usb mouse and keyboard.
Its normal for windows xp 32 bit to only read 3gb right? I have 6gb Corsair Dominator ddr3. I think a few people wrote about this.
After I put my old hard drive to my new tower, I tried to plug it back on my old tower but it goes to the window xp loading screen and bsod comes on for a sec and restarts.
Any help?
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  1. You cannot use your old hard disk without reinstalling your operating system or by doing a repair install. Unfortunately the serial you used on your old computer will not work, although you might be able to talk to Microsoft to get a new one.
  2. okay. but is that the reason why my usb aren't reading?
  3. I am very surprised that putting in your old hard disk worked, I would expect it to do what it did when you put it back in your old computer also Windows activation would stop working unless you are using a corporate key . The reason your USB aren’t reading is that they do not have the correct drivers installed, try getting a PS2 keyboard and mouse and install the motherboard drivers.
    The address limit for 32 bit Windows is 4 Gig however Windows reserves some of this for its own use and the video card also takes some as well, so you are normally left with just over 3 Gig more or less depending on the graphics card.
  4. i just install new os butusb still doesnt work. arent they usually plug an play even without drivers? im using an asus p6t delxue v2
  5. Usually you don’t need to install drivers for the USB to work however you may need to install the chipset drivers to make the USB work.
  6. done that and still nothing
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