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Ok so I went to get on my PC earlier and moving the mouse or tapping the keyboard wouldn't turn on the display. I figured no big deal because Windows does this all the time. Well I rebooted and a couple times the system would POST but it would never fully boot. Then it stopped showing anything at all on my display. I have tried three monitors, reset the CMOS, tried single stick of RAM in different slots, tried the video card in both slots. Nothing I do will get a signal on my monitors. I have no system speaker or diagnostic LEDs so I can't get any info that way. This just happened overnight, no hardware changes at all.

Q6600 @ stock
asus p5k deluxe
4gb ddr2 800
9800gtx @ stock
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  1. hmm...maybe motherboard failed.
  2. Well I just found a system speaker in an old PC I had laying around. From the code I got it's looking like the video card may have failed =/

    My motherboard manual said one thing and Google searches said another so I don't know if it's my motherboard, video card or my RAM =/

    I guess I'll see if all 3 are still under warranty and RMA them if so. Otherwise I'm sol because I have no money to buy new parts. Sucks I was in the middle of a CG project and my backup computer may not be capable enough to handle it. :pfff:
  3. And eVGA has this ridiculous policy where you don't get a full warranty unless you register your card within 30 days of the purchase date so I'm fucked there if it really is the video card.

    Would a RAM problem prevent the video card from displaying video during POST?
  4. what beep code is it?

    faulty RAM can cause all kinds of problems, but it's probably not that since you've tried booting with individual sticks. All the RAM failing at once for no reason is almost unheard of.

    Video card dead or power supply failing is my best guess. See if you can try the video card out in someone else's system. If that turns out OK, borrow someone's PSU if you can. That's a cheap-ass fix if that's what's broken.

    Also, you might try not just doing a CMOS clear but replacing the CMOS battery with a new one. Your computer is old enough that it's possible the battery is dying, and replacing it certainly couldn't hurt. Just a longshot, but for $3, what do you have to lose.
  5. It's 1 long 3 short.

    I hooked the PSU up to an older computer, everything ran fine so it's not that.

    Pretty sure it's the video card at this point so I'm about to buy a new one. Any suggestions? I'm limited to about $250 and I'm looking at a 5 series from AMD.
  6. Hmm, I think 1 long and 3 short is for a memory error. Try the video card in a different system before you go buying a new one. You might also try the RAM in a different system to rule that out. It could be going dead, or the motherboard's slots could be going dead.
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