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My laptop doesn't recognize the full amount of memory installed or the full size of my installed hard drive. I have tried to update my BIOS but the manufacturer doesn't have the drivers. What can I do?
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  1. Can you give a little more enough?

    How much RAM is showing of your available RAM?
    How much hard drive space is showing of given hard drive size?
  2. Oh wow, sorry. Its a Toshiba Satellite M105-S3041. It used to run Windows XP Home but I upgraded it to Windows 7, added 2Gb of RAM (CT716853 2GB kit (1GBx2), 200-pin SODIMM from Crucial) and a 120GB Toshiba SATELLITE M105 Hard Drive. The motherboard is a HAQAA motherboard from Toshiba. The processor is a Intel T1350 @ 1.86Ghz.

    Only 1GB of the memory is showing up and about 100GB of the Hard drive is showing up. I have tried checking the Toshiba web site for the driver but they don't have any information. It has Phoenix BIOS and I have checked their website for the update but they don't have anything for my board either. Is there any other place that I can find the update?
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