Is it failing...?

Well my hard drive was fine until today, my computer has been freezing a lot and I'm scared to do anything in fear of it crashing again.

I downloaded a program to tell me the health and everything for my hard drives, and it says "Bad" for the health. But, sometimes I don't really trust programs because you never know, right?

I looked at the statistic marked in red and it said:

"Reallocated Sectors Count:
Current: 45
Worst: 45
Threshold: 140"

I have no idea what this means, can someone tell me?
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  1. What program? Drive Manufacturers utility is usually the best to use.
  2. Uhm, it's called CrystalDiskInfo
  3. Heard of it but never used it try the utility from the manufacturer of your drive.
  4. Reallocated Sectors signifies there is a problem with your drive and it should be replaced soon. Here is a link to a similar forum on Tom's
  5. The number of bad sectors has exceeded the SMART threshold by a long way (45 versus 140). The raw value of the Reallocated Sector Count attribute will tell you just how many bad sectors your drive has.

    See this article for SMART info:
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