Problem while connecting samsung monte [JAVA] to an ad-hoc PC connecti

Hello everyone!
Can anyone please help in connecting my wifi enabled samsung phone to connect to an ad-hoc pc conection to share the internet access.

I have a wired router to connect to the internet and I'm using windows 7 on my laptop (HP DV2).
When I try to browse the net in my phone I get a error which says 'DNS FAILED'.
Can someone please help?

Thank You
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  1. I don't think that's going to work. Windows Internet Connection Sharing is designed to work between two computers running Windows. It may or may nor support ad hoc wireless connection.

    I suspect that to use your phone to browse via a wireless network you'll need a router.
  2. Hey fihart I have a belkin wireless router with WPA2 & am unable to connect through my samsung monte :??:
    Kindly help me on the steps needed to configure the wifi.
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