Cheap, effective device for combining SSD and HDD into hybrid drive

I was looking at buying one of those seagate momentus XT 750gb/8gb but thought it might be cheaper to build my own hybrid drive. I was hoping to get a tb hdd and 32gb ssd but the cheapest thing I cold find to turn it into a hybrid drive ( where it would make the most commonly used data into the ssd) was £40 is there anything cheaper out there and if so what?! :wahoo:
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  1. Not knowing what other hardware you have have you looked into using Intels rapid storage tech with SSD as cache for a HDD.
  2. What is that?
  3. Gadget Maniac said:
    What is that?

    Read this:,2938.html

    It's a chipset ability to use a small SSD to cache frequently used files on your HDD, usually your OS hdd. JohnnyLucky will come around and tell you that it was intended to be used by early adapters with 10-20 GB SSDs which were too small for a full OS installation, and that anyone with a decent-sized SSD should install the OS on the SSD.

    Yes, there are software packages to cache an HDD on an SSD, but the Intel RST (you read the article and already know what that stands for, right) would be more efficient. Personally, I wouldn't mess with this, but I have a 128 GB SSD and so I just run off it.
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