I5 3570k vs Xenon E3 1230 v2

Hey guys,

Christmas is coming and i plan on making a deal with Santa to buy myself a new PC. I have been researching quite a lot, but i just can`t decide on one thing. Should i go for the all so popular i5 3570k or the e3 1230 v2? I will mostly use the computer for about 3-4 years for gaming(as long as it keeps up) @ 1650x1050(or 1080 if Santa is generous)and every now and then sound and video editing. My indecision is due the fact that E3 is having HT, 2 extra MB cache, lower consumption, and a little lower temps. On the other hand the I5 is overcloakable. Now i am not the biggest OC`er out there, but am i no stranger either; i won`t do it for numbers and bragging, but if i really feel like its needed. Probably i will pair it with a 660/7870(depends what xmass deals i get), 8 gigs ram @ 1600 and, cm 212 for i5 or cm tx3 for e3....could you help me decide please?
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  1. OK there is NO reason to rather get a Xeon that the 3570K. It has a slower clock(not recommended at all) and the overall platform cost would be more too. Yes it has HT but games are unable to use that...
  2. The hyperthreading in games? It's not a "bonus" trust me. 2500k vs 2600k and 3570k vs 3770k are almost identical in gaming performance. They are basically identical chips aside from the HT.

    The extra cache would be nice; but honestly I don't see it being "that" huge of a difference especially with a locked multiplier. I'd just pull the 3570k and roll with it.

    However, the biggest turning point is compatibility. I'm not sure on the compatibility with the Z77 platform out there; but one thing I can tell you from experience. Just because the Xeon uses the same socket; doesn't mean the motherboard I had at the time would work with it. (I was using parts laying around and found that out with no manuals for the older hardware) So you'll have to check compatibility.

    The E3 and the 3570k in front of me? I'll walk away with the E3 personally because I don't game an a lot. I do however do a lot of CPU intensive tasks. If I was just going mainly for gaming, you'd see me carrying the 3570k
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