Timings for ddr3 1333 mhz


motherboard - g41m-vs3 r2.0
processor - e2140
video card - 9500 gt ddr3
ram - 2x2gb ddr3 1333 mhz (kingmax)

cpuz pictures -

currently it's set by me for 7-7-7-19 but i feel it dosent work properly...

hopefully you can help me , thanks very much !
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  1. What makes you think it isn't working properly?
  2. well i let the memory to auto then set it manually and watched my boot time @ windows x64 , sometimes 29 secs , other times 35-40 secs , i also used aida64 to see some differences , it works , but i want to know if this is the best setting because my motherboard dosent support 1333 only 1333(oc) , and in bios it's setted to 2x533(1066mhz) or something like that , it's conffusing me , thank you.
  3. Windows boot time is more affected by the programs that windows is loading and hard drive performance, than it is RAM speed. It can vary quite a bit, so I wouldn't worry too much.

    The board you have is defaulted to 1066Mhz, so setting it to 1333 is technically an overclock for the board, even if it's not for the RAM. If it'll run, the added speed is good.

    7 Timings are good timings. If the system is stable running at 1333Mhz C7 then let it. If it's crashing, etc. back down to 1066. The RAM DIMMs themselves should have the Speed and Timings printed on the side.
  4. thanks , didnt know it runned at 1333 lol , take a look at my screenshots with cpuz , i thought it was 1066 , tested with orthos is fully stable. also it's7-7-7-19 , or should i go for 7-7-7-20?
  5. Right now according to CPU-Z you are at 1066, but it could run 1333Mhz if your board will allow it to. Lower numbers are better with timings. So 7-7-7-19 is faster than 7-7-7-20. However, you will probably never be able to notice the difference between the two.
  6. thank you very much +rep , too bad my g41m-vs3 r2.0 wont allow me to set vcore maybe it could run 1333 mhz but it wont :D

  7. Good luck Johnny46. If you're all done you should select a best answer and report the thread to be closed.

    peace back at ya
  8. oh forgot to tell you that stock they are running 6-6-6-16 and on auto too ... i can set them to 6-6-6-16 but i dont want to screw someting :P
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