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Hello I'm working on throwing together a computer for someone to watch movies on. I'm working with an old Packard Bell model 955. I have several things from the bios:
1. Packard Bell FR10 Bios Ver 00.01.11
2. Award Modular Bios v4.51PG
3. Alladdin5-2a5kkg5dc-00

I'm having a hard time getting newer parts to mesh with this motherboard it won't recognize a hard drive bigger than 32GB and it does want to let me install Windows XP so I'm trying to find a bios update to see if that might solve some of my issues.

I have Windows 2000 installed at the moment i also installed Everest to get the motherboard information and to try to get the bios update. That points me to a program called bios agent plus which tells me there is an update but doesn't give me the ability to download it or point me in the direction to get it. I have also been unable to locate it thus far so i was hoping someone might give me a hand in finding a bios update for this motherboard.

Thank You
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  1. Have you checked the Hewlett Packard web site? They took over Packard Bell Support.
  2. I was unable to find it on their website it seems they don't have anything that goes back that far there I have however emailed their email support though. I figured I would cover my basis.
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