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I should start off by saying I'm pretty new to this tech sort of thing so bear with me.

I decided that I wanted to add more memory to my computer. It's a Dell Dimension E520 (DM061) and it came with 512MB of RAM. I bought 2 Crucial 1GB 240 PIN 128Mx64 DDR2 PC2-6400 modules. I removed the 512MB and installed the new modules in sockets 1 and 2. Now, when I check the system properties it shows I only have 1 GB of RAM and when I check the BIOS it shows socket 2 as empty. Is it a PCS-5300 vs. PCS-6400 issue? The salesperson told me my computer should be able to handle the 6400. Anyway, any ideas as to why I'm not getting the full 2G and why socket 2 is showing up as empty?

thanks in advance,

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