ASUS M4A785-M & Upgrading memory.

Let me begin with, i am not computer illiterate in any way. Ive been building my own computers a little over 15 years now. I program in several programming languages (a little irrelevant). When i built my new computer, i didnt think i was going to have much problems, ive gotten through most of them, but this one is really bothering me.
I got a ASUS M4A785-M motherboard:
I installed Geil GX21GB6400LX:
Then installed 2 Samsung 1GB sticks, everything was working fine. Then i ordered a 2GB PC2 6400 Gold Series OCZ2G8008GQ stick, pop it in the computer, everything seemed fine until BSOD. Then ran Windows Memory Check, got now problems, rebooted, and BIOS wouldnt even start until i took the 2GB stick out. I tried putting it in different slots, but still got the same result. Do you think the stick is bad or is my setup incorrect?
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  1. 1) Have you tried running the system with just the 2GB stick by it's self?

    If it runs fine than it is a setup issue the three different RAMs (would not be recommended anyways). If it won't work, it is more in likely a defect RAM, specially since all the issues occurred when installed.
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