MSI G43 G3 will not overclock

Hello, I have a it 2500k, used to be running at 4.2 GHz fine, now it stopped running the CPU at the OC speed. In the BIOS, it says CPU Multiplier is set to 42 but when checking with Win 8, CPU-Z, Core Temp, all of them report the CPU as 3.3 GHz. I have disabled the protection and power saving features to no avail. Any idea?

MSI G43 Z68A G3
i5 2500k
Hyper 212+
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  1. Samuel I too got the same problem with the same board lol ran my board to 3.8 fine jumped it to another .2 ghz and .04V My research lead me to g43 MSI is a shitty overclock board. and its too late for me to return...

    Try reading his post
    make sure EuP2013 is disabled as well You really have to check MSI BIOS's Options...
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